Tech for Good

Tech for Good is a think tank foundation in the making.  We strive to bring the brilliant minds together from global tech community and leading research institutions to address the key challenges and risks associated with technology advancement and promote Tech for Good. 


We carry out joint research projects on tech for human wellbeing, social justice and sustainability, and work with business leaders, policy makers and social impact investors to ensure the rapid technology advancement will benefit human societies. 

Our Programs
Tech for Human Wellbeing


​We carry out joint research projects on the risk of AGI and ASI, our existential risk, and propose preventive tech policy for AI risk and governance.

Tech for Social Justice


​We have research projects on various social justice topics, such as how to fight fake news, how to reduce the bias in AI, and how to help underprivileged youth in tech. 


Tech for Sustainability

​We carry out research projects on how AI adoption will improve energy sustainability,  such as how EV and autonomous driving will affect global climate change, how AI will help fight air pollution and etc.

Founding President
Dr. Helen Liang is the Founding President of the Tech for Good Think Tank under The AI Alliance in Silicon Valley, newly established in April 2018.  She firmly believes AI should benefit human society.  As the Managing Partner of FoundersX Ventures, Dr. Liang has invested in over 20 early stage tech companies in the AI and Big Data value chain, including robotics, drones, autonomous driving, AI in enterprise, healthcare and fintech. 
Dr. Liang understands how AI applications could disrupt various industries, and how tech innovations could help us live a happier and healthier life, while we have to address the challenges in AI adoption and promote Tech for Good.  She has been an invited panelist at global AI forums, including Wuzhen Summit in China and World Government Summit in Dubai.  Dr. Liang has over 10 years of experience in new product development and early stage technology investment in high-tech industry.   She is a guest lecturer in Stanford and Tsinghua University.  
Advisory Committee
Marcus Brauchli
Managing Director of Northbase Media. former Executive Editor of Washington Post 
Huw Price
Bertrand Russell Professor in Philosophy, University of Cambridge, founder of CFI & CSER
Jann Tallinn
Partner of Ambient Sound Investments, DeepMind Investor, Founder of Cambridge CFI & CSER
David Hardoon
Chief Data Officer, Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS)
Charlotte Stanton
Director, Silicon Valley office, Carnegie Endowment
Greg Back
Managing Director,
Free Sky Capital
Bill Reichert
Managing Partner
Garage Technology Ventures
Cyrus Hodes
Co-founder of The Future Society AI Initiative, FoundersX Ventures Partner

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